SPEAR Immunoassays

Single-Digit Protein Molecule Detection in Microsamples

Ultrasensitive immunoassays capable of analyzing smaller samples – beyond the limits of current standards. Spear Bio’s 2-factor authentication assay dramatically increases sensitivity with outstanding signal-to-noise (low background), enabling high sensitivity and ability to analyze small volumes. Spear’s reagent-focused technology leverages customers’ existing installed base of Instruments and can detect down to single counts of molecules per sample.

Spear Bio is focused on supporting customers focused on academic and research testing of important pharmacodynamic and exploratory biomarkers. For customers interested in collaborating with Spear Bio on immunoassay needs, email us at info@spear.bio


SPEAR Immunoassay Advantage


  • Two- step successive extension allows low level of background and extraordinary sensitivity
  • Low fg/ml limit of detection

Small sample:

  • Requires only 1uL of sample, minimizing dilutions needed to fulfil >100uL requirements in other methods.

Highly quantitative

  • 6+ orders of magnitude of dynamic range ensuring robust, quantitative results

Easy to automate workflow

  • The SPEAR immunoassay platform is homogeneous, wash-free and leverages existing lab work-flow methods

Huge installed base of instruments and readers

  • Read by any real-time PCR instrument

SPEAR Immunoassay Applications

Academic and Preclinical Research

Clinical Trial Testing

Post-marketing studies